Ghostbusters: ‘All-female’ reboot to release in July 2020

Image copyright ALGIERS CBS Image caption Director Ivan Reitman talks with cast members Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy at a photocall for the new film

The hit movie franchise Ghostbusters has made it’s comeback to cinemas – three decades after the first film.

And fans can expect to see familiar faces, including Eddie Murphy as the film’s main villain, but not entirely the same thing.

Inspired by a 20 January 1984 proposal, the film offers a fresh take on the paranormal comedy.

Paul Feig is at the helm and now has his heart set on casting teenage girls to lead the second Ghostbusters film.

Image copyright Sony Image caption Director Paul Feig has come up with a new version of the Ghostbusters with an all-female cast

Having teased the two leads on Instagram, Paul has now revealed that ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ follows Erin Gilbert, the character played by actress Melissa McCarthy in the first Ghostbusters.

And fans are already wondering why, exactly, the character isn’t the one that has become a full-time Manhattan-based firefighter.

In the movie, which tells the story of the ghosts’ discovery of a new facility, Ghost-buster Susan Murphy (played by Kristen Wiig) is recruited by Ghostbusters partner Abby Yates (who carries the baby for her) and Jillian Holtzmann, aka Erin’s love interest, to provide the team with scientific insight and modern technology.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Where have all the male actors gone? Feig with McCarthy, Wiig and Leslie Jones

Gina Torres, who is one of the original Ghostbusters and wrote the 1987 Ghostbusters 2 novel on which the film was based, told Wired magazine that the original crew of three directors, writer, animators and special effects were almost certainly asked to stay on board for the latest chapter.

The difference is that the team has changed the gender of its main characters.

Paul Feig told Variety: “I felt like, yeah, I’ll do an all-female Ghostbusters again, and it’s one of the most fun, pure, pure things I could’ve ever done, and we never really tried to hide the fact that it’s all-female.

“The problem is, we were just going through the motions. I’d been begging Sony for 15 years to do an all-female Ghostbusters.

“And all the time they would tell me, ‘Sure, but there’s no one they want to cast.’ And then last year, I was just sick and tired of hearing that.”

Image copyright YouTube Image caption Fans of the original ‘Ghostbusters’ will not be seeing too much of Bill Murray again

Paul Feig said fans should expect more Ghostbusters as he has done a pitch for an ‘all-female Ghostbusters 4’ which could shoot later this year.

What’s an all-female Ghostbusters without Bill Murray?

Don’t expect Murray in the cast or at least any substantial return as Peter Venkman.

The actor was the most important element in the original Ghostbusters film and Paul has revealed that Murray is not in the plan for this one.

“No, they can die,” he said. “People died in Ghostbusters I.E.S, and they just respawned.”

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