Keith Brooks – A Western Heritage is the True North Strong & Free

Special to Fox News

Some things remain unchanged in our country. Both reality and much of our culture are influenced by our understanding of western history. Many of us have been convinced through an inherited cultural lens that the people of the west have always been freaks, barbarians and bad people. Much of the nation’s lore is as a result of this pervasive attitude.

When we began to contemplate what Canada would be like 50 years ago, people began to speculate as to whether Canada would really exist. Even now, we, Canadians, often find ourselves in search of acceptance in order to show others how much better we think we are than anyone else.

For all the people of the north and west, we can sometimes lose sight of the fact that the Canadian nation was formed by collective effort that transcended its borders. Canadian resolve over time has grown stronger and we began to take the responsibility as a nation seriously.

No matter where a person comes from, their country is deeply connected and one must learn to relate to its people. It’s vital to everyone’s lives that we each find a home that we can call home. Canada’s motto, Canada, a Land of Opportunities, is a great reminder to all Canadians of their place in the greatest nation the world has ever known.

There is no higher example of the evolution of Canada than the new nation of Saskatchewan. It is first and foremost a nation of farming families who live and work together, with little or no government involvement. It is a powerful testament to the steadfast will of the aboriginal people who have lived alongside their neighbours for thousands of years.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland is correct in saying that we are a natural people. Throughout history, aboriginal people from this province have always been present in all major Canadian centres. Prairie people never once had to leave their land to become citizens of a different country.

Cultural differences have always been a factor in getting along with Canada’s neighbors to the north. At the same time, we have found ways to work together to accomplish common goals. We worked together in Northern Saskatchewan for generations to see the massive coal-mining facility of the future become reality, and finally see it opened in 1956. If we had tried to do this work as members of a splintered federation, the outcome would have been very different.

Nations across the world need to focus on reinforcing the bonds between people across national borders. If Canada’s government determines that it is going to block the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, Canada will be turning its back on the people of that country.

Canada is a unique nation, united by a simple yet important principle. We are one people who recognize that all people are connected. If we embrace this ideal, we can achieve more together than we can separately. In Canada, we have worked together, battled with one another and grown stronger.

Having lived in the west, Saskatchewan now offers a taste of the country’s uniqueness. With its population, resources and infrastructure, Saskatchewan now joins B.C. and Alberta as an integral part of the nation of Canada. We wish Prime Minister Justin Trudeau many happy returns as Saskatchewan soon becomes a proud member of the Canadian family.

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