When Marvel Writers and Artist Appear Together – Debut Issue of Variant (Variety, Circa)

Who is responsible for naming the upcoming Variant series by Tom King and Yanick Paquette? This is the second variant appearance of the work on the “Batman” title, following the success of Tom King’s work on “Daredevil” starring Matt Murdock. This variant artwork was designed by Max Fiumara.

For all the excitement that emanated from Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso’s tweet about Variant #7, it’s looking like this may be the highlight of the look he’s teasing with that picture.

Colorists Paquette and Fiumara are this month’s art team for this title, while Paul Mounts, Jackie Ball, Dexter Vines, Dave Johnson, Ryan Benjamin, Shea Fontana, Kevin Wada, and Andy Clarke are their collaborating. And for the record, these artists are at different ends of the creative spectrum: while Paquette is known for drawing plenty of con-comic pages (this 2015 photo from ComicBook.com reminds us of just how popular he is with these types of art shows), Johnson has been a regular Marvel artist since 1996 and has worked on Black Panther and Runaways.

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