Melania Trump to unveil White House holiday decorations on Monday

The first lady will unveil the decorations Monday, along with an official readout of her travels to over 40 states on behalf of the National Parks Service

The White House will unveil the holiday decorations for next year on Monday. The festive seasonal theme, “Let’s Celebrate!”, was unveiled last month by first lady Melania Trump.

The White House said it hoped the decorations “will inspire and encourage folks to take time to connect with loved ones this holiday season, and beyond”. The decorations, which will be on display until Christmas Eve, are designed to play on the themes of “family, home, food, music, crafts and art”.

Trump’s makeover of the White House’s looks has been criticized in the past for gaudy decorations. Trump decided to change many of the rooms’ themes, including the formal East Room, which was turned into a winter wonderland complete with icicles and giant lights. There are additional decorations, specifically for the North and South stands in the front of the White House, according to the White House website.

“We’ve set our sights high this year with an ambitious goal of making our former residence a holiday wonderland that transports us back in time,” first lady Melania Trump said in a statement. “If we’re lucky, and the wind cooperates, I hope every visitor will enjoy every minute of their stay here at the White House.”

In addition to the holiday decorations, Trump will debut a new Twitter bio on Monday. It’s now No 11, with the former fifth paragraph reserved for “direct communications”. The current tag is No 9, which appeared on the page only when George W Bush was president. “We’re looking forward to a successful transition,” the website’s update reads.

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