McIlroy Calls Stature of Nicklaus’ Memory ‘Crazy’


Nearly 40 years ago Jack Nicklaus had the honor of being introduced to Jerry Donowa. Nicklaus was then suffering from a recurring wrist injury, and Donowa was the one doctor willing to treat him.

Donowa would later write a book about his encounter with Nicklaus. In “Nicklaus, The Man,” Donowa wrote that the golfer’s memory was his greatest asset, and he had developed an uncanny ability to remember shots that had already been struck.

“I believe Jack can remember a shot that he hit yesterday,” said Donowa. “I find it amazing that he still has the knack.”

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For Nicklaus, who is now 80, it’s all in his head. He says that for 50 years there have been no problems with his wrist. He is often seen saying, “I’m playing like an old man now.”

When asked about his memory, Nicklaus replied, “It is crazy. It is really crazy.”

“So I don’t take my mind too seriously,” Nicklaus said. “You have to know how to lose, because losing never gets you anywhere.”

Nicklaus won a record 18 major championships, with Tiger Woods far behind him with 14.


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