Mom Launches Locavore Business Model

Young, stylish and most of all, healthy, food connoisseur Bryan Wheatley has the newest business model in town – locavore.

Wheatley, 31, created the immersive lifestyle website, with media partner The Huffington Post, at the urging of “A Beautiful Planet” photographer and writer, Lizzie Young, 33.

“Everybody deserves beautiful food in their life and that’s it. No additives or anything else,” Young told “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

Working with Young at The Huffington Post, Wheatley launched his line of brain-healthy foods, Brain Elevated Everyday, at chef and lifestyle studio, The Kitchen, in New York City’s SoHo. Young brought the locavore trend to the culinary world with her top 10 menu items. Wheatley said the high-end concept of “chef-driven food and gourmet lifestyle” is the perfect marriage for a new generation of Americans.

“What I’m doing and what [Lizzie] is doing, we’re trying to change our lifestyles. We’re trying to take care of our bodies to make better choices and eat healthier. So it’s about getting people to do that,” he said.

Modern life and modern consumption have not been kind to our young metabolites, so Young saw an opportunity for more. “What we know now and what we’re learning and what we’re going back to in school and what we’re doing for ourselves,” Young said. “It’s really just as a society, there needs to be a kind of change and it’s coming.”

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