Book Excerpt: “Lights On Strides” by Logan O’Brien

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Every rock star comes in threes…and a lot of them start off as buskers and hobos. And apparently, that’s how this beloved Canadian rock star got his start.

Logan O’Brien and Ted Gilmer travel the streets of Toronto in their latest musical adventure…

A couple of weeks ago the leading lights of hard rock music took a call from drunks. They didn’t really believe it until they hopped into a battered beat-up van and connected to Johnny Strides. Strides has been playing the streets of Toronto since the 1990s and was just walking his dog in the city when he met these fanatics on a lonely street corner. To his surprise, the group, nicknamed “Lights on Strides,” invited him to take a few pieces of music they were making, like Portishead, and display them on the streets. What started out as a hobby for these fans has now become Johnny’s calling card…

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