The world’s biggest cruise ships

No more homespun monikers. At the moment, cruise shipping companies offer more privacy and greater amenities than all but the most luxurious hotel on earth. And because the opportunities for cruising are expanding ever so slightly, as with ultra-wide observation decks, first-class staterooms and roomy cabins, they’ve become some of the largest vessels on the market. At nearly a kilometer long, Celebrity Eclipse, the world’s largest cruise ship, sails on 4,500 foot-long galleys with space for about 1,000 passengers, while Norwegian’s Deepsea Odyssey takes on a near-seven-meter (nearly 22 feet) beam, able to carry just over 600 passengers.

According to Cruise Critic, the world’s biggest cruise ship, Titanic II, is a 3,600-passenger replica of the ill-fated luxury liner — and a firm guarantee that the waters may now be much more dangerous for those who would dare board a real ocean liner. More suitably, the world’s second largest cruise ship is Norwegian’s Ocean Explorer, which carries 1,800 passengers.

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