Craft beer prices up across the country

Craft beers are one of the best experiences you can have while spending a lot of money. But as the craft beer industry matures, brew pubs will be raising prices, costing customers.

According to Brewers Association, craft beers are up 30% in price over the last three years. Brewers Association is expected to tell Congress on Tuesday that craft brews cost between $9.26 and $12.56 per gallon. Brewers Association is a non-profit industry association that is pushing to continue to tax craft beer and micro breweries at federal level.

The increase comes at a time when established “big breweries” are attempting to get more people in stores by raising their prices, according to the report. International beers are 3.6% higher than they were in March 2014, the report said. As for India Pale Ales, they are up 11.8% since March 2014.

Are you a craft beer or American craft beer fan? Would you be willing to pay more for your beer? Let us know below.

There is another benefit to brewers that produce more than 24 barrels per year and this has been a continuous push on behalf of the IPA or a category called Craft IPA. Many of the popular craft breweries produced a lot of this beer as far back as 2016 and one of the success stories, Sierra Nevada, produced 13,387 barrels in 2015, according to the trade magazine Beer Marketer’s Insights.

Craft beer was traditionally made up of traditional styles such as the Munich Pilsner, the India Pale Ale and the Vienna Lager. Since some of these styles are now being produced by established craft breweries, they have become more common ingredients.

If you’re going to pay extra to try a craft beer, you might as well get a little more from the investment.

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