Man recounts terrifying moment relative assaulted float at Wisconsin State Fair

What started as a typical family visit turned into an ‘angry and panicked’ incident at the Wisconsin State Fair parade, FOX6 News reported.

The Waukesha girl’s uncle, Steve Tessier, spoke to FOX6 News about what happened Sunday.

“We were getting ready to start our parade and at that point we hear the streamers begin to scream and my wife says, ‘Don’t make me make it so loud. We’re busy. Get ready,’” he said.

According to Tessier, Brenda Nelson appeared out of nowhere as her sister, Summer Nelson, the 11-year-old victim of a child stalker, walked up to the float.

Nelson allegedly threw the man down, took off, then got back into her vehicle and drove away.

Tessier said he and his wife, Nancy, were taking care of the floats, 12 floats in all, at the time of the incident.

Tessier says this is not the first time Nelson has exhibited and showed her anger at family members and bystanders.

“She appeared at the farm where my wife worked and claimed to be attacked by a small animal, and two days before the parade she did something similar, driving by and telling us she was attacked,” Tessier said.

Tessier says the family had known Nelson, a family friend, since childhood.

Nelson has been arrested and charged with assault.

She was ordered held on $2,500 bail and was arrested after she failed to appear in court.

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