Doctor ‘sexually assaulted female patient during visit home’

Image copyright H/T: CNN Image caption Police in Maryland say this police car was seen in the area of the attack

A hospital consultant in Toronto has been arrested after a 69-year-old woman who was visiting family in Maryland state reported being sexually assaulted.

Farid Ahmed, 34, was charged with sexual abuse, second-degree assault and assault.

Police in College Park said the woman was sexually assaulted on 19 August during a visit home to spend time with family.

Ahmed is a neurosurgeon based in Toronto. It is not known if he is currently practising.

The assault happened on Yorkton Road in College Park, a suburb of Washington DC, about 20km from the city centre.

“I did not realise it was a sexual assault until the hospital staff came to inform me,” said Donna Gordon, the victim’s mother, in a statement.

“I feel like I was violated, sexually violated, an awful feeling.”

She described her daughter as a “terrific daughter and great mother”.

Ms Gordon’s husband, Lawrence, said the couple are comforted by prayers sent from around the world.

“Relief of the pain of the assault, feeling and realisation of the healing and comfort for all that has been sent,” he wrote on Twitter.

Posting on a Facebook page, the victim’s sister, Jan Gordon, added that the family was taking time to take care of each other and to celebrate the “good part”.

Ahmed did not have an attorney, according to a court clerk. His first court appearance was scheduled for Wednesday.

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