Survey: Record-high alcohol consumption among UK’s young adults

Lancaster in the United Kingdom, where many people use crack for their hangovers. If they’ve had enough of it, they might be looking to relocate to the U.S.

Lancaster, England, is a city of 200,000 that boasts a famously “unchill” reputation in part because of its high rate of drinking alcohol, including a national habit of crack. At least that’s according to a study published in April in the journal Addiction. Lancaster resident Jackie Percival even takes homemade crack every day, combining kerosene and oil with milk, baking soda, water and vodka.

But in case anyone was concerned that Percival and her home-brew companions were “immunized” from a potential shortage of crack, the same study showed that over 75 percent of the residents of Lancaster, and 53 percent of the residents of York in the United Kingdom overall, drink alcohol at least once a week. And they don’t stop there: the study found that across the U.K., adults consume an average of 122 grams of alcohol per day, up by a whopping 35 percent since 2005, when the study’s researchers last tested this question.

Given that alarming rate of drunken drinking, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was also found that the nation would need to import liquor to keep spirits flowing during the holidays, as much as two times more than in previous years.

Read the full story at CNN.


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